Do you want to work for Naardic? 

Naardic is growing very fast and we need both more trainers and administrative people. 

For all positions, it is an advantage to 

  • Know the fitness industry
  • Be helpful and positive
  • Able to handle change
  • Be smart and self-driven



To be a trainer for Naardic requires you to one of the best in the business. But what is "great" for a trainer at Naardic differs somewhat from what is "great" for a personal trainer. At Naardic we hold live, interactive, online classes. You can have as many as 48 participants in the same class. Your job is to make it a personal experience for all of them.  You need to be a TV-star and a great trainer. You can make your personality shine through the camera and make everyone in your class feel special. This is not an easy task and it is certainly not for everyone. But as a trainer at Naardic, you will typically double your income per hour compared to traditional gyms. 

Trainers at Naardic are not employed, they are independent contractors. But we have systems for automatic invoicing so you will not spend time on things you hate like book-keeping and administrative tasks. We help you to do what you love - help people to get in their best shape possible in a fun way. 

We need all kinds of trainers, but for now (Fall 2020) we especially need: 

  • Evening and weekend classes 
  • Hardcore classes for people that want to build muscles and can take direct messages (see yourself as a drill sergeant :-) ) 
  • Dance classes, Zumba, Kids dance, Aerobics
  • Pilates
  • English speaking trainers



As we are growing very fast we need full time and part-time people in several positions:

  • CFO
  • Customer service (full time)
  • B2B

At Naardic we test everyone in skills like math, IQ, general knowledge, etc. before we hire. 

If you are interested in joining the Naardic team, please register below and we will contact you.

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