Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to sign up and get free access over a given period, you commit to paying minimum one month cancellation fee of 429kr.

If you want to continue your membership at a more reasonable price, you can upgrade the membership to a 12-month membership for NOK. NOK 379 per month or for a yearly membership of NOK. NOK 3,948 (equivalent to NOK 329 per month). With these two types of membership, you will also receive a 1000 kr gift card that can be used in our webshop!

Interactive training means that the class is live and that we are able to see you train. You obviously see the trainer directly, but he/she can also see you as can some of the other participants. Through this, we form a group that trains together and motivates each other. This also means that once you have started it can be difficult to stop – group pressure plays its part. Of course in a positive way!

You may, however, decide that you do not wish for the trainer or others to see you and that is absolutely possible. In most of the classes, some participants choose to turn their camera off and that is of course no problem for us – all we want is that you train, feel comfortable and are satisfied at the end of the class.

Yes! Nearly all classes are recorded so you can complete them at a more suitable time for you. The recording is available for one week before it is replaced by a new video. You don´t need to book these classes in advance. 

To find the class you want watch, scroll backwards in the schedule and press "video". You will then also be asked whether you want to add the class to your statistics.

Feel free to visit our video library for video-on-demand available at all times. 

Most of the classes recommend use of a training/yoga mat. These mats are relatively thin rubber mats (around 6 mm thick) which give the best combination of support and stability while preventing sliding. For each class, the required equipment will be detailed in our schedule by clicking on the button named "info" on the class you want to attend.

Do you need exercise equipment? Visit our Web shop and remember that you get 20% member´s discount on products from Naardic Professional!

You´ve got two options:

1. 15 minutes before the class starts, access to the class will be opened. This means that under “your classes” a green button will appear with “enter”. Click here and we will take you to the workout room. If the green button does not appear, you should refresh the site.

2. Click on the link in the class reminder email you have received if you have approved e-mail reminders. 

To activate your calendar invitation, you must do the following:

1. Log in to your acount
2. Tap your profile picture in the right corner
3. Tap on notification settings
4. Select "Always send calendar invite for booked class" and enter the desired e-mail.
5. Press "Update"

Did you know that you can receive an SMS notification 15 minutes before your class starts? To activate your SMS notification, you must do the following:

1. Log in to your account
2. Tap your profile picture in the right corner
3. Tap on notification settings
4. Select "Receive SMS reminders before class"
5. Press "Update"

As a member of Naardic, you can invite friends to train with you. You will see each other and can talk to each other during the session itself. No other participants can see you and neither the trainer nor other participants can hear what you say (it happens automatically). Training with others is both social and motivating :-) 

Before the actual training starts, everyone in the same private training group will meet in the "locker room" where only you can see and hear each other. Between 1-3 minutes before the session starts, you will automatically be taken to the training room where you will be visible to the trainer. You can choose to enter earlier by pressing "Meet trainer".

If those you invite to training later become members, you will receive a bonus in the form of a gift card in our online store which can be used for training equipment and/or PT lessons.  

Inviting friends to training means that you have a fixed appointment and it is one of the best ways to ensure that you show up and get results!

See how the friend function works here!

Store credit is money you have in your "wallet" at Naardic. You can use this money to pay in the online store and to buy personal training. Note that store credit does not cover shipping of goods, this must be paid separately.

Store credit is valid for one year and disappears if you unsubscribe.

Invite your friends to training! You can see each other and talk to each other during the session itself, without disturbing other participants or the trainer.

When booking an appointment, you will get a modal where you can invite friends and family to training, regardless of whether the person is a member or not. This is a great way to refer friends which will also leave you with store credits as a reward.

To invite a friend, do the following:

1. Book a class
2. Write the name and telephone/email of the person you wish to invite
3. Press "Send invitation"

What happens if you invite a friend who is already a member:

1. The member receives an invitation to the class via e-mail or SMS
2. The member must log in to their account and accept the request to approve participation in the class

What happens if you invite a non-member:

1. The member receives an invitation to the class via e-mail or SMS
2. The person follows the link they have received to register as a guest user
3. Your friend can now participate in the class by logging in no earlier than 15 minutes before the class starts
4. If your friend chooses to become a member of Naardic afterwards, this will be counted as reward and both will receive store credits as a reward!

Do check your junk mail as some emails can end up there. If the mail is not in your junk folder, it may be that you did not choose to receive a reminder by mail before the start of the class when you registered you membership. It is in this email that you will find a link to the class but remember that this is not the only way you can enter the class. 15 minutes before the class starts, access to the class will be opened. This means that under “your classes” a green button will appear with “enter”. Clicking on this will send you into the class. If the green button does not appear, you should refresh the site.

Invite friends and get gift cards of up to NOK 1,000! The easiest way to actually get friends to become members is to invite them to training so that they can first experience how good it is to train at Naardic!

If you invite friends to Naardic and they become members, you get a gift card that can be used in our online store or for PT classes.

Monthly membership: You receive a gift card of NOK 300.

12-month or annual membership: You receive a gift card of NOK 1,000.

1. Log in
2. Scroll down the "My page" to "Your Friend List"
3. Select "Refer a friend"
4. Enter your friend's contact information
5. Press "Send"

Your friend will now be sent a link via SMS or email where they can register their membership.

YES! We offer corporate membership to small and large businesses. Activity is incredibly important for a good and efficient workplace and helps to strengthen results, so we are very happy to be able to help make it even easier. Send an email to for a non-binding offer, or fill in the form here.

It depends on which membership you choose.

1) Monthly membership is not binding, but remember that there is a one-month paid notice period

2) 12-month membership is binding for 12 months. Once 12 months have passed, the membership will continue with monthly payments and will run until you cancel it yourself. Remember that there is one month's paid notice period.

3) Annual membership is not binding, but you pay for the entire year at once and will not receive a refund if you cancel during this year. The membership is automatically renewed for a new year unless you change it.

Note that all our memberships are ongoing and are automatically renewed if you do not cancel.

With a 12-month membership, you are bound to pay for 12 months. You can cancel your membership at any time during the period, but you will still pay in full for 12 months and thus be able to train for the entire period.

Remember that there is a 1-month paid notice period. For a 12-month membership, this means that if you cancel in month number 12, you will pay up to and including month 13.

You can choose entirely yourself who can see you and who you want to see. In all classes, approximately 20% have the camera off and that is of course fine. We still recommend everyone to have the camera on so that the trainer can give you feedback along the way. Remember that everyone is more concerned with the trainer and themselves when you are training so that you pay little attention to what others are doing, but it still gives a sense of community to watch and train with others.

Who sees me (choose between):
1) None, if you have the camera off
2) Trainer only
3) Only friends
4) Everyone can see me

Who do you see:
1) You will always be able to see the trainer
2) If you have a camera on, you will also see yourself
3) You can choose whether you only want to see the trainer and yourself or others (up to four other participants can be visible on your screen

We encourage a PC or Mac. For best experience, connect this to your TV. The bigger the image the easier it is to follow what the trainer is doing which definitely helps. You can connect your PC to the TV with an HDMI cable. Just disconnect the cable from the decoder or AppleTV and connect it to the PC. If the image does not appear directly on the screen, press on the ‘source’ button on the remote control. After pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4 times, the image from the PC will appear on the TV. This also works from your mobile phone, however there are so many different types of mobile phones, browsers and operating systems that it is difficult to fit all before we have created our own mobile phone application.

When you log in, the trainer will receive you and answer all immediate questions. The trainer will always be in “the training room” at least 10 minutes before the class begins. At the start of the class, the trainer will “mute” everyone meaning that it will not be possible to hear anything from your side – either for the trainer or participants.

Chrome usually works best on a PC/Mac, Android telephone/tablet. On an iPhone/iPad, Safari usually works best.

If you wish to change your membership, terminate, extend, upgrade or downgrade: go to "Membership" in your profile where you are able to manage changes. For certain changes and subscriptions, you will need to contact Customer Service. 

Absolutely! We love that you are bringing friends to work out with you.

This also gives them the chance to test Naardic together with you. Please let the trainer know their names before the class starts so he/she can give feedback to them too.

Before starting to train with Naardic, you should evaluate your health status. If in any doubt, you are recommended to consult a physician before starting. Training with Naardic is absolutely safer than training alone. If anything happens during the class, the trainer can contact the necessary contacts or health personnel. Remember that, given your camera is on, the trainer can see you during the whole class. Safety is our top priority.

This is easy!  
1.Plug the Chromecast to the back of the TV via the HDMI socket.  
2. Connect your Chromecast to a power source.  
3. Set up your Chromecast by following the instructions on your TV screen 
4. Select network that your PC or tablet will be connected to 
5. Start streaming from your PC or tablet using Chrome as your browser.  
Using Chrome as your browser, you will see 3 dots vertically at the top to the right in your browser. See photos for how to proceed with casting from PC / Mac or tablet to TV.


No. When the class starts, we close the training room to drop-ins. Therefore, remember to be on time so that you do not miss the class. But you can quit whenever you want. Remember that half a workout is much better than no workout :-)

No, our classes are conducted via our proprietary video conferencing system. The class will open in your browser, eliminating the need to download any additional software.

Sometimes our system makes mistakes and somehow misses your attendance. This is of course super annoying if you actually did attend. But don´t worry, we have a solution! Log in, scroll down to your statistics, and click «HISTORY». Find the class you actually did attend, click «DNS» to the right. Now you can register attendance and your statistics will be corrected.

This is out of respect for the trainer and other participants. As the trainer has to physically let participants into the class after it has commenced, it can be a disturbance to the exercises. This will then decrease the quality of the experience for all involved.

Therefore, it is really important to be in good time for the start of the class!

Hi, yes it is because the internal clock on your PC is not quite right. If you sync it, the timer will be correct. Macs are usually automatically synchronized so this problem is greater on PCs. To update/synchronize the clock on your PC go to Settings>Time and language>Date and time> Press "Synchronize now". Now the timer will be correct.

No, unfortunately not. You have to be logged on and enter the class on the video conference system before the class starts.

Yes! At Naardic, we want the whole family to join the training classes. We think it’s great if the kids want to join during the exercises. For some exercises such as HIIT, children can be a distraction and therefore they may be advised to wait until afterwards. But in general, we love to have the little ones join or play next to you during training.

Not yet, however this is coming in 2022. Currently, all residents of the same address can use the same membership. For example, a father with a 16-year-old son doesn’t need to buy a separate membership for each, they can train on the same membership. One membership allows for two adults over 18 years plus as many children as have been possible to produce. The prerequisite is that all reside under the same registered address. Currently only one user profile is connected to each membership. However, during 2022, when we have the family membership programme, it will be possible to have up to 6 user profiles.


We offer company packages and prices to both large and small companies. All classes are interactive meaning that the trainer sees all participants and can motivate and supervise each one. It is also totally normal and fine if anyone wishes to turn their camera off.

Activity is extremely important for a good and effective workplace and contributes to strengthening results. We are therefore very happy to contribute to this.

Take contact with our very friendly B2B representative, Ingrid, for an informal chat. Email is and phone number is 0047 482 94 365.

Contact us if you did not find your answer.

Email: or click the chat icon to bottom right.

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