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This Privacy Policy Statement is meant to explain what information we collect and how we process your information. Naardic Training AS, by managing director, is responsible to oversee that the information is treated in accordance with GDPR. 

It is not allowed to copy from this Privacy Policy, in accordance with the 
copyright law.

Our contact information:

Naardic Training AS
Address: Gjerdrumsvei 11, 0484 Oslo

VAT number: 924 758 635

We take your privacy rights seriously and are therefore taking several measures to ensure clear information on how we process your data, and your rights. If something is unclear or missing, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Please contact us if you have any queries or wish to make use of any of your rights. You are entitled to a response within 30 days. Please read more on The Norwegian Data Protection Authority website.

-       The right of access and correct your personal data: You can ask for a copy of all personal information we use and ask us to update any information that is not correct. 

-       The right of erasure and restrict processing: In some situations, you can ask us to delete and/or restrict processing your personal data. We cannot delete information we are required to process. 

-       The right to object to the processing of your personal data: If we process your personal data based on legitimate interests you have the right to object. 

-       The right to data portability: You can obtain your personal data.

-       You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

-       If you are not satisfied with how Naardic Training AS has handled your personal data, please let us know and we will try to resolve the problem. You do however have the right to complain to The Norwegian Data Protection Authority.



We process personal data on:

        Clients / members 

        Potential clients / members

        Suppliers´ and partners´ contact persons

        Website visitors


        Former employees



It is voluntary to provide personal information to us but to complete a transaction, we need some information from you. We do not buy or sell personal information. We do not use automated decisions or profiling in the processing of your personal data, and we do not process special categories of personal data beyond what applies in a normal employment relationship.


We process personal data when you:

        buy our products/services

        contact us via phone, SMS, our website, e-mail or social media

        sign up for our newsletter

        sign up for events organized by us

        answer a survey

        use our website



We process personal data in accordance with the Privacy Ordinance Article 6, No. 1:

a) Your consent 
An agreement we have entered 

c) A legal obligation 

f) A legitimate interest we believe having

As a rule, personal data are not to be treated or stored longer than necessary to fulfil its purpose. To comply, Naardic Training AS yearly revise our Privacy Policies. The purpose is to amend, update and, if necessary, delete personal data. Generally, we will not process personal data for longer than three years. However, data will be stored for as long as it is necessary to fulfil legal obligations such as preparing financial statements, for tax purposes or other relevant rules and regulations.


Your personal data will only be stored for as long as we have a purpose and a legal basis:

·       Until you withdraw your consent (for example related to marketing via e-mail or SMS)

·       For as long as we have an agreement, and in compliance with accounting and bookkeeping regulations (for example related to sales).

·       For as long as we have a legal obligation and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations (for example related to hiring)

·       For as long as we have a legitimate interest, or you ask us to not process your personal data in a certain way (for example related to marketing towards existing customers). 

You can at any time contact us if you no longer want us to process your personal data, or if you want us to delete them. We will fulfil our duties according to relevant laws and regulations. Please note that we cannot delete personal data we are legally obliged to process. 

We also have routines to ensure that personal data is deleted from all relevant systems immediately when it no longer serves a purpose and/or we no longer have legal basis to keep them.


Below we describe how and when we process your personal data, for what purposes, on what legal basis and for how long. We process your personal data when: 

You communicate with us

When you contact us via our website (contact form, chat or similar), e-mail, call, SMS, or via social media, we process personal information. Depending on where and how you reach out to us, this can be name, contact information, IP-address, and other information you provide. We use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system and a customer support system to process personal information on potential and existing customers. 


The purpose is to be able to answer enquiries from you, for history and to keep documentation in case we receive reclamation, complaints, or legal claims. The legal basis is f), where the legitimate interest is to be able to respond to inquiries from you, for history, and to have documentation in case we receive complaints, or legal claims.

We review, archive, and delete queries as needed, but at least every three years. Accounting material is kept for up to five years, as required by The Accounting Act. 


You buy our products and services (membership) 


When you buy any of our products or services, we process personal data such as name, contact information, order- and payment information and purchase history.

-        Name

-        Date of birth

-        Picture

-        Sex/Height/Weight

-         Activity level


The purpose of collecting this data, is to deliver products and services after your order or purchase, to obtain purchase history and administrate our relationship to you as a customer. The legal basis is b) agreement and c) legal obligation with regards to, among other, accounting and tax purposes. Accounting material is kept for up to five years, as required by The Accounting Act.

Marketing in existing customer relationships

When you become a customer with Naardic Training, we process your personal data as mentioned above. If you have an existing relationship with us, we are able to send e-mail and SMS in accordance with The Marketing Control Act § 15. The purpose is to deliver good customer service experiences. The legal basis is f) where the legitimate interests are to offer you relevant products and services. The legal basis can also be a) consent. You can at any time opt out of any marketing via e-mail and SMS. Information on how to opt out is given in all emails and SMS we send related to marketing. The data is stored for as long as the customer relationship exists or until you request it to be deleted.  

You apply for a job or work for us


When you apply for a job with us, we process personal data such as name, contact information, CV and other information we need in order to evaluate your application. The legal basis is b) agreement, and potentially Privacy Ordinance, Article 9 no. 2b and 2h if the application contains special category data. The information is deleted once a candidate has accepted an offer for the vacancy unless you have given permission to store your information for future reference. 


For employees, we process personal information as mentioned above, in addition to information necessary to pay your salary and administrate the manage the work relationship. The legal basis is b) agreement, c) legal obligations, and potentially Privacy Ordinance, Article 9 no. 2b and 2h if the application contains special category data.


Information about the employee is deleted once the employment contract is terminated unless there are special reasons not to. This can for instance be in the case of disputes. Payroll records is kept for up to five years, in accordance with the Accounting Act.

You sign up for our newsletter

We distribute newsletters via e-mail with information on new articles, blog posts, discounts and offers, videos and similar. The newsletters sometime contain information about our products and services. When you sign up for our newsletters, we process personal data such as name, contact information and IP-



The purpose is to be able to inform about relevant news and offers, as well as providing good customers service to potential and existing members. The legal basis is a) consent. Subscription to our newsletter is voluntary, and you can withdraw your consent at any time by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any of the e-mails.

The supplier we use to distribute the newsletters have an integrated analysis showing whether the receiver opens and clicks any hyperlinks. This functionality is integrated in the system and cannot be deactivated. If you do not want your data to be analyzed, you should not subscribe for the newsletter. The data is used to analyze the results of the newsletters and to customize content for our subscribers. The legal basis is f), where the legitimate interests is to continuously improve our products and services. The data is stored for as long as you are a subscriber and will be deleted upon our next GDPR revision.

You sign up for an event

When you participate in one of our free events, we process personal data such as name and contact information. For paid events, we also collect order and payment information. The purpose is to be able to offer relevant courses, lectures, and workshops, or to fulfill the agreement on the booked event. The legal basis is a) consent or b) agreement and c)

legal obligation. We can also use your personal data to send you an evaluation survey on the event you attended and invite you to similar events. The legal basis is f) where the legitimate interest is to continuously improve our products and services, and offer good customer service. 


The data is stored until you ask for it to be deleted, and no longer than 36 months after the event, or, if agreed, for up to five years in accordance with the rules in the Accounting Act.

You answer a survey


We always inform about the purpose of any survey we conduct, and whether they are anonymous or not. We do not share the information with others or use it for other purposes than given. In anonymous surveys, no personal data is gathered. The legal basis for surveys that are not anonymous is a) consent. The information is stored until you ask for it to be deleted, or up to 36 months after the survey was conducted. 

You are a supplier or partners

When you enter into an agreement with us as a supplier, partner, or data processors, we process personal information such as name, contact information and correspondence. The purpose is to be able to enter into an agreement and the legal basis is b) agreement. The information is stored for up to five years in accordance with the rules in the Accounting Act. We process personal information related to general correspondence and communication as described above. 

You use our website

When you use our website, we process personal information in accordance with our cookie declaration. The purpose is to administrate our website, promote the company and answer queries from visitors. The legal basis for cookies falls under The Electronic Communicaiton Act § 2-7b, in line with Nkoms recommendations as described here (May 2020). 


To run our business efficiently and safely, we sometimes need to share your personal data with other parties such as: 

·       Data processors: supplies of different services treating your personal information on our behalf (for example IT-and administration services, accounting, cloud services, web hotel, e-mails etc...)

·       Professional advisors within law, finance, accounting, revision, and insurance

·       User support for IT- and administration systems

·       Public authorities we are obliged to report to

We require all sub-processors to process your data in accordance with the GDPR and good information security. We enter into a Data Processor Agreement with everyone who process data on our behalf.




In some cases, your personal data may be transferred outside the EU/EEA. Examples are if we use suppliers outside EU/EEA to handle distribution of newsletters, manage customer information, make products and services available on our website, you enable payment, website security and otherwise being able to run our business in a safe and efficient manner. 


Transfer of personal data outside EU/EEA is only permitted to countries approved by the EU Commission, or under the necessary guarantees in accordance with the Privacy Regulation. An example is EU standard contracts. Please contact us if you want to know which supplies outside EU/EEA we cooperate with and gain access to documents of necessary guarantees.



We take information security seriously, and we will always do our utmost to safeguard your personal information in the best possible way. Among other things, we use strong passwords, data encryption, access control, backup, and two-factor authentication to secure our data and prevent unauthorized access to view, change, delete or in any way affect the data we hold, including your personal information.


We use only reputable providers of IT and administration services such as web hosting, website and PC security, virus software, email provider, backup, and more. We only allow others to access and / or process your personal information in accordance with our instructions, and only where strictly necessary (eg. IT support).


















COOKIE POLICY uses cookies, and according to Norwegian laws we here inform what cookies are and how it works.

Cookies are small pieces of information which is sent to your browser and stored on your hard drive when you visit a website. These text files improve the online experience by giving a better and more relevant user experience when you visit websites. uses strictly necessary cookies (necessary to move around our website, and which expire once you close your browser) and permanent cookies (which is stored on your device for a certain period or until you delete them). 



Naardic Training AS uses cookies for the following purposes:

-       Register how the user moves around on our website

-       Making the purchase experience quicker and easier in our webshop by for instance saving products in your wish list, shopping basket and checkout, as well as making the log-in process quicker

-       You will also be exposed to products that suits you better based on algorithms, rather than random products.

-       If you have completed a purchase from from one of our Google Ads, a cookie is generated by Google on your computer. This cookie is used by our marketing department to analyze where the traffic is coming from.  

-       Page and service functionality. For services that require login or search, cookies may be used to ensure that the service presents data to the right recipient.

-       Storing information on former chosen products, enabling the product site to show «Previously visited by you». 

-       Storing information on visitors´ favourites to ensure products remain under «Favourites» until next visit.

-       Storing visits at Naardic Training AS to present more relevant marketing content on Facebook, Instagram and Google and other media channels.

-       Measure how changes on our website affects usability. Information is collected from clicked links and what is being purchased.

-       Third party cookies for retargeting purposes.

-       Preparation of statistics.

The information is used to provide better service offerings. The processing of personal data is based on a balance of interest. We have found this necessary to customize the website for our users.

Information from cookies will not be handed out or sold to third parties outside Naardic Training AS, unless it appears in this declaration. Third parties will only gain insight in information if this is necessary to perform certain services in our webshop. 



• IP address
• Browser
• Operating system
• Broadband provider
• Information on which pages you have visited on our website

• Date / time for your visit. Data enabling us to identify the user will never be saved.



You can enable your browser not to save cookies. Use the “Help” function in your browser to find out how to do this. 

If you choose to block cookies, be aware that some of the services and features offered through
may not function optimally.





We can, without notice, change or update this Privacy Policy Statement. An updated Private Policy Statement is available at

Naardic Training AS will always ensure that our policies comply with current regulations. Enquiries can be sent to 



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