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Wow – what a journey! We have grown from idea to having 5000 members.  We are so grateful for the trust and dedication we have received from our members, partners and trainers. Our goal going forward is to inspire even more to join this online training adventure with us. 


5000 members is a milestone we have been longing for, and for that reason we wish to congratulate our member number 5000, Hanne Løvdal (43). Hanne joined Naardic in May 2021, and besides working out with us, she works as a graphic designer. She tells us that since she joined Naardic, she has managed to work out even more than before! We had a nice little chat with Hanne to get to know her better. 

Photo: Hanne Løvdal

How do you find training with Naardic?

It´s super fun, flexible and much easier to train with Naardic than a regular physical gym. You don’t need lots of equipment to complete a workout, and the schedule is full of exciting classes! 

What makes training enjoyable for you?

Friendly and attentive trainers giving thorough instructions. Plus I like seeing that there are so many different types of people training together. It seems like everyone feels very welcome here.

Do you have a training goal?

My goal is to get in better shape but also to give me more energy throughout the day.   


What kind of workouts to you like the most?

I like strength training quite a lot, but I have also begun to really enjoy Pilates! I had never tried Pilates before I joined Naardic. 


Have you participated in any of our classes with family or friends?

Yes, absolutely! My daughter and I have joined the family training sessions on the weekends. And coincidently, I have also met my sister in law on the screen!

We were very eager to find out who our members actually were when we first started Naardic, although we did have some ideas. Now, we are very happy to see that a lot of our members have never really done any physical activity before. The fact that we can contribute to physical activity in peoples everyday life, especially considering the times we are finding ourselves in, means a lot to us. Personal interaction is important to us in Naardic. Both our trainers and the people working in administration wish to have a close relationship to our members. We hear many good stories about how our members started training with us and, in short, this is why:

- Training with Naardic is flexible and easy 
- Naardic has a wide selection of different classes
- Naardic has professional and great trainers, who listen and adjust to my needs
- Training with Naardic is efficient, time-saving and fun 

Summer is right around the corner and thus we wish to take the opportunity to give you two good tips on how to keep up your fitness routines during the summer vacation:


  1. Set realistic goals for yourself and plan for how to reach them. Make sure you actually complete what you set up for yourself and give your body the type of activity it needs.
  2. Set an important enough goal for your training. If your goal is important enough, you will manage to complete no matter what.  For example, get more energy to play with the kids, climb a mountain or finish a day´s work without back-pain. What´s important to you?


Lately, we have seen that many of our members train outside, from their summer houses, or home office. We hope this continues and that we can inspire and motivate each other to work out even more going forward. Remember, we are never far away!

Wishing you all an active summer, and we look forward to seeing you on the screen!