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Naardic offer sweet deals for active employees!

  • June 10, 2021
  • Ingrid Aaen Erlandsen
  • Workout, Health, Company

We are thrilled to see that many employers also value an active lifestyle and include physical training offers for their people. We already have many corporate members but there are room for many more!

The company pays a fixed fee per employee per month which will give employees free access to all classes, every day. There is no binding period or administration costs. Plus, there is hardly any administrative work for the company itself – just simply distribute a registration link that is made for your company.

«I have participated in some of the office breaks. Short and sweet, and a great reminder to move a bit during the day» 

All members will have the option of joining the company´s internal Leaderboard. Besides all the awesome classes which we believe to be a motivation itself, this can inspire the employees to work out even more! The administrator of the membership will also have access to additional statistics to continuously see the value of the membership. 

If your company is keen to have private classes, we are happy to organise this as well.


«Love that you organised this membership for us!»

Please reach out to Ingrid at ingrid@naardic.no to recieve more information and get an offer for your employees!

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